Sunday, January 13, 2008

I had a great time yesterday. Went bowling with my Stunnas Motorsports Club members and had a nice and relaxing time. Yes, I had to answer to all the tough texting I did, but secretly, they love it. LOL The fact that I honestly don't know what I bowled should say a lot about my score. But it didn't matter. It was nice to get out and have fun. Now, I got up, went to the gym, got my writing in, then spent a few hours bowling. Came home and did some reading before drifting off to sleep, so I felt it was a productive day.

I recently posted an article about what bikers do over the winter. Over the winter, and actually even in the riding season, my bike club members typically do stuff like this. We go out to dinner together on on occasional Fridays and other group things. One of the things that I have found funny since being in a bike club is the GREAT misconceptions about bike clubs from the general public. When I tell people I'm in a bike club, the typical response is, "YOU???!!!" and "You don''t LOOK like a biker," or "You don't ACT like a biker." Whenever I receive this response, I ask about their opinions of bikers. And all the time, I get motorcycle gang images fed back to me. Like Hell's Angels and outlaw bikers. I get sleezy, slutty women, who are rough, bisexual/lesbians who can take a bullet easily, are tatted up with piercings out wazoo, and can drink like a fish. Uh, no. LOL

But you know, I understand the thought. Pretty much all biker movies show this image. And with the exception of a biker charity ride or two, the media does seem to only show bikers speeding, dying, or otherwise behaving negatively. Yeah, it does happen. The stereotypes do exist, but not to the degree that people think (which seems to be 100% unless they actually know a biker). The bike community now is so mixed. It's more mixed and more of a "melting pot" than America herself. You have all nationalities, economic status and backgrounds, educational bacgrounds, professionalisms, spiritual beliefs, etc. And generally, they get along. The iron (motorcycle) is common bond between them. Yes, you can look and easily find the thugs and sluts, but actually, more prevalent now are doctors, lawyers, engineers, managers, husbands, wives, etc. Professional people with a passion for riding and enjoying life.

Bike clubs are surrogate families. I suspect that because of the risk involved in riding, bikers are usually close. They greet and part with warm hugs. They look out for one another. They value life and every single breath. No one will verbally say it, but you never know if it's the last tiime you will see that person. It's how we should behave with our blood relatives and friends. They keep in touch on a daily or near daily basis. They encourage and help each other.

Now, I don't mean to glorify bikers like they're all perfect. Like I said, clubs are like typical families so you do get arguments, fights, jealousies, tantrums, etc. And it's still an organization made up of different people with different ideas. Because of that, it possibly could be more difficult to come of one accord if your bike club is made up of all these differences. But typically, one club will be comprised of members of similar agendas. Much like political parties. LOL

But all this to say....look to the left of you, then look to the right. Do this at work, at church, in your professional organizations, etc. Chances are, one or more of these people are bikers. LOL


Carleen Brice Mon Jan 14, 10:31:00 AM EST  

I've only been on a motorcycle once in my life and it was thrilling and terrifying so I'm always impressed when I see people on bikes.

Cherlyn Michaels Mon Jan 14, 12:31:00 PM EST  

Hey Carleen, Yeah, it can be both. But, to me, once you learn what you're doing, it can be exciting. :-)

Rose Sun Feb 03, 03:16:00 PM EST  

My bestfriend's husband is an avid biker. I think he too is in a club. He's been riding I know for all of my 19 years being the best friend of his wife. But the accidents, I think don't happen too often with him. I think 2 in 19 years that I know of. Plus he is a top computer/system analyst consultant for major companies. Yeah the media does focus on the negatives about bikers.