Saturday, January 05, 2008

I sleep with the TV on (a necessity. can't sleep in silence) and every station I turn to is about Britney Spears most recent breakdown or drug excursion and I want to scream. But I'm comforted by the reports of the Iowa caucus and the talk about the New Hampshire primaries. Soothing, :-)

Well, I finished the audio of The Price of a Child. It really wasn't for me. I never got a feel for the time frame, setting, the characters or the plot. It was kind of strange to me. Because it was set in the 1850's, yet it seemed like modern times. The main character had just obtained her freedom, and immediately went on to live a normal life makinng speeches against slavery. This is where I become a little perplexed. Because my expectations would be that the main character would have some emotional issues, some slavery to freedom adjustments, some hesitations about living free, etc. But no. So, I question myself a little as to am I mentally trying to write the story and I'm dissatisfied because the characters didn't act the way I wanted to? Or is it really that the characters are unbelievable to me? Where's the line? I think I'm just becoming more cautious of calling a book bad, and if I do, really looking at the reasons why I would think that way. Is it the book or is it me?

I mentioned reading even more before and how it help with motivation to write. One thing I noticed as well is my change in what I think about books or what I consider a good book. And how it's different for everybody, I've noticed where a book could be touted as a bestseller or even other readers give it glowing reviews (in discussion groups, not Amazon reviews), and it does absolutely nothing for me. And vice versa, there will be books that others "toss across the room," and I absolutely love it. Being a writer, it makes me reflect more on the impossibility of pleasing ALL readers with one book. I knew this to be true even before I started writing. But the more knee deep in reading and writing I get, the more I realize it. And I hope it translate to my feelings not being hurt in the future if readers don't enjoy my books. lol

I've also moved to the notion that if I don't enjoy a book, it doesn't necessarily make it a bad book, just one that I don't particularly care for. But others might.

Guess I'm feeling a little reflective this morning. :-) Got a long day ahead. Yeah, I know it's Saturday. But I'm on my way to the gym with the hundreds of other folks to start on the resolution of getting fit. Need to get there early for a parking space so I won't have to WALK to the gym door. LOL Just kidding. Then need to work on my article for Just finished and posted my #1 Stunna article a couple of days ago. Then, of course, work on book 3. And I want to go to the store to find some sugar free hot chocolate so I can finish up the night reading in bed. I'll start socializing next weekend. LOL