Wednesday, January 09, 2008

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Winter Bikerland

“The weather outside is frightful,” begins the winter classic song that urges the skies to let it snow. But snow and the bitter cold weather that comes this time of year in the northern states leaves the average biker with a dismal feeling. For most, it equates to the winter ritual of properly preparing their bike for at least three months of hibernation while the biker waits with much anxiety for spring to break.

So what’s a biker to do over the winter? Invite the homies over for egg nog while wiggling and warming their toes by the fire? Whip out the Scrabble board to partake in a game or two while loading up on hot chocolate with marshmallows? Or do they sit and stare at their garaged bike, hoping, wishing, and waiting? I pondered the thought and decided to throw out the question to find out just exactly what the two-wheeled road warriors and bike clubs do over the bitter cold winter months.